​A safe landing for victims of layoff programs

The other day I visited some office and at the reception, there was another lady waiting to see someone. She had a large duffel bag and her large handbag looked quite packed. I had arrived early for my meeting and my host was held up in a meeting so I had to wait for about 20 minutes.

In these times of high security alerts, I was abit puzzled why a lady looking so smart in an African wear of black, white and red was doing carrying such a large bag.

Shortly, whoever she was waiting for came and they started talking. About 5 minutes into the conversation, she opened her handbag, removed a brown plastic bag from which she removed a folded fabric. From where I sat, I could see it was an animal print African batik. Her host wiggled excitedly in her seat with a big smile and soon she was unwrapping it and feeling its texture. As they continued in conversation, more batiks seemed to emerge from the large duffel bag and now, the host had welcomed a couple of other staff members.

After a short while, money changed hands but I also saw people consult their phones and I concluded that it was a mobile money payment transaction taking place. The lady packed what she had sold and the small gathering dispersed.

Given my current pursuit of preparing a course on Starting a Business in 7 Days, I wondered about that little scenario as far as laid off people are concerned.

My research for building this course led me to Shopify. It’s a great tool which I have come to believe offers a safe landing for many who are feeling like victims of layoff programs and job losses or even for those who have sought for employment without any success.

The discovery I also have made is that they are offering a FREE video course on how to start and do good business on Shopify.

Time waits for no man and some opportunities are just too good to be passed over for any reason.

Send me a message or leave a comment against this post if you’d like more details and I will be glad to share the information.

Finally, as a preamble to the course I mentioned above, you can click here or visit my website www.wangarimaina.com to sign up for a FREE 4-weeks e-mail course, Journeying to Achieve. One of the handy tools you will receive is The Mapping Toolkit© – Starter Kit Version to help you deal more strategically with the demands that come with a lay off or state of unemployment.


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