3. Planning & Executing your Exit Strategy

Part 4: Tender your resignation

I wrote my resignation letter 5 years before I actually resigned. When my best friend wanted to quit his job (3 years before I quit) he used the letter I had drafted for my employer and all we did was change the names.

In the month preceding my resignation I stared at the letter every 6 hours to remind myself that I was not losing my mind.

The moment I handed it in and I was walking away from the Human Resources office I could swear there was a small girl’s skip in my step. Looking back, I wonder what was I so afraid of

What kept me from turning back while I was on my way to deliver the letter was one question, “If the roles were reversed and it was the company bringing me a dismissal letter, would they have as many sleepless nights?”

As we wind up this series, I would like to leave you with a two-in-one question that you must answer of and before it is asked.

What happens if your employer gives you a counter offer?

What is that one thing that will cause you to change your mind?

As with all the other lessons in this series:

  1. journal your review
  2. answer the questions as honestly as you can. (A fish bone style is highly recommended)
  3. share your answers with your confidant and/or take the bold step to send them to me for a free review and consultation.

And with that we have come to the end of the series.

It will be great to hear from you about your transition, so please leave a comment or send us your story and let us know how we have impacted you.

As a bonus tip for #accountabilitytoself don’t burn the bridges you have crossed to get to where you are today. The path of life is crazy enough to take you back on the same route and you will need relationships and resources that can only be accessed by the bridges you built.



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