3. Planning & Executing your Exit Strategy

If you have already taken a step back and you have studied your environment and you see that resigning from your job is the best thing that can happen to you, then welcome to this lesson.

This is a broad subject and we will be addressing it quite significantly in our upcoming membership community.

For now though, I will break it down into four lessons and I believe it will help you chart the way forward with your career change.

Part 1: What’s holding you back?

A gazillion things could be holding you back. Let’s look at some of them.

P.S. Just for ease of understanding I have tabulated based on whether you are transiting to another job or to start a business. 

The Hold Up To another job To business
Fear (failure, unknown, etc.) Most jobs come with a trial period also known as probation. It can be weeks or months. You will only deal with this fear element by being honest at the interview then outdoing yourself during that probation period despite the learning curve. Trust me, everyone who is or has been in your position has come face to face with this little monster. That’s why I have addressed it in my book “From Employment to Business”.

Fear will only hold you back from your own success. The stronger it is, the more you should be convinced that you can overcome it.

Learning Curve Even if you are moving to a competitor and your company was way ahead or way behind on any process/ technology, you will have to spend some time learning. It’s a new culture, new demands, new customers, new suppliers, new systems, and processes etc. You just have to remain teachable. Allow me to recommend my free e-book “Employee or Consultant on Retainer” in which I address this hold up. Ever career move has its learning curve. Particularly if you are moving to an industry or market that you know nothing about. If you are going to start a company like the one you are in, there will be a steep learning curve and what will help you greatly is humility. Don’t approach it with the “I know it all attitude”. Allow me to recommend my free e-book “Employee or Consultant on Retainer” in which I address this hold up.
Acceptance Getting to learn new people, habits, and most of all letting yourself be vulnerable to others. The importance of first impressions cannot be under-stressed but at the same time, it cannot take precedence over integrity and genuineness of who you are. Your people and communication skills will play a tremendous role to help get over this hold up The worst thing about a capitalist society is that you will meet more unhelpful people along your starting phase than those who are willing to show you the ropes. That was one of the reasons I wrote the e-book “From Employment to Business”. While you are building your network don’t be afraid to search online for great helpful people. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.
Change Life without change presupposes death.  Change is inevitable and the only way to deal with it is to face it with flexibility, a teachable heart and a mind the can be renewed. Starting a business not only involves a physical change, but it also calls for a mindset change. Embracing a new way of thinking and acting. It needs to come from within if you will be able to handle everything that will be thrown at you – good or bad.
Resources If you are changing jobs, this will be an issue only if your former employer delays your last paycheck and the HR department of your new employer is slow in getting you on the payroll. Other than that, you will have to contend with lost benefits/ perks previously earned and the irrecoverable resource called time. You might end up sacrificing precious personal or family time to settle in into the new job. The truth is, the resources you need to make this move will never be enough. So, you must plan it out. You need to plan your finances and more importantly, your time. Freedom is lethal. You can easily get to a place where you think that you have 24 hours but nowhere have I seen Parkinson’s law (more work expands to fill the time available for its completion) more than in the new-found space of self-employment.

Overall, fear is not good. Crazy as it sounds, allow me to recommend the movie Inside Out. It’s a movie that will help bring a perspective to all the emotions that come into play at such an important time as this of your transition.


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