1. Take a Step Back

I am so excited for you as we start on this series – To Resign or Not to Resign.

Twice a week, we will have a new post up. In between the posts there will be enough time for you to digest everything we share. In that time, I will also be taking time to respond to your emails or comments on the blog post.

Let’s get started!

Every time I make a life changing decision, I always take a step back to review my life. That one step makes a huge difference in the process of getting things into perspective.

You see, by the time a car company decides to make a new version of a car that is going really well in the market, they always go back to the ‘why’ then they decide on the ‘how’ followed by other details.

The decision to resign requires a similar process. I encourage you to take a step back and answer some questions.

Two important things to note:

  1. The reason for such a review is to ensure that your decision is not rush and that on those mornings when you wake up wondering, “What was I thinking resigning from that job?” You will have a very sober answer and become energized to get out of bed ready for the day.
  2. This is not an exercise in futility and it needs you to be as honest as you can be with yourself. You can’t fake you to yourself and don’t be afraid of your own truth. While help from another person may be necessary in the process, I urge you to start where you are by yourself, then you can find resourceful channels such as close friends and relatives or you can sign up for our 12 week class on whether to resign or not which will be starting soon and you can pre-register via e-mail.

So, let’s get into the questions

  1. What agenda do I have for my life?

Are you just floating through the days or is your life a collection of purposeful relationships, activities, decisions focused on an achievement that will be attributed to you as a unique well lived life full of accomplishments?

  1. What is success to me?

Is it about money? Is it about a big house, expensive cars? Is it about fame? Is it about a good family, good relationships, holidays, well-educated children? Whatever it is, you will need to be clear what success is to you. With such clarity, you won’t miss your success if you meet it along the road you are travelling.

  1. What have I done so far in my life to fulfill the agenda and to attain success as I define it?

When you define success, your decisions in life will be compounded towards your definition. Also with defined success, you know what to sacrifice and how far backwards you can bend to accommodate diversions from the journey of your life.

  1. Why did I get this job?

As indicated in my profile, I used to work at a great multinational and it was a dream job. Like me, your current job could once have been your dream job. It could also be that you got the current job because you didn’t have much choice. It could also be that it was the best option among many that were presented to you. Whatever the reason, is it strong enough to encourage you to continue holding onto the job?

  1. What is influencing my resignation thoughts?

What has changed to get you to the point of wanting to resign? A word of caution here: there is the comforting answer, then there is the PR answer and then there is the real answer. Explore more of the real answer and less of the other two.

  1. Am I resigning to get another job, be self-employed or to start a business?

This may take a while to answer because of many dynamics involved but the most truthful answer is the one that come from your heart and the one that gives you a great sense of peace.

  1. Are the conditions right for me to resign?

Avoid that rush, angry, teenage voice that shouts the loudest yes. I would encourage you to read a chapter that addresses this question in depth from my blog.

My thoughts are that if you have come this far into the article, you are ready get working.

Here is an action plan to help:

  1. Get a journal
  2. Answer the questions as honestly as you can. (A fish bone style is highly recommended)
  3. Share your answers with your confidant and/or take the bold step to send them to me for a free review and consultation.
  4. Subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already done so to ensure you don’t miss the next article where we will be dealing with basis of your decision.


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