April: I Need To…. 

Ooh… C’mon, you must have had one of those moments (or you will have them this week) where you hit your forehead and mutter under your breathe, “I need to get my act together. Three full months into the new year and all I have to show for it is…. ” I’ll let you finish that statement.

Yes, there are many who are saying that and you maybe one of them. No one is judging you – except your worst critic-YOU!

On the other hand there are many who are ticking off their 2017 lists. Maybe not in the order they expected but they are nonetheless working on their goals.

April is that reality check month and it can leave you embittered and feeling like you can’t hack it OR it can get you to actually renew your resolve and working on some key issues/ goals.

If one of your key resolutions this year was for you to quit your job, or take the early retirement option but you still have the jitters, I encourage you to subscribe to this very blog because in the month of April, I  will be sharing on the big question – TO RESIGN OR NOT TO RESIGN.

I will also address some of the issues surrounding leaving employment to start a business or changing employers, including the big ‘F’ word – FEAR.

I recently carried out a poll on the blog about what holds back people and fear of change and lack of capital stood out quite significantly.

So hit the subscribe button and get the material that will point you in the right direction.

#accountabilitytoself There is nothing as precious as a correct map for the right journey in the hands of a wise man/ woman.


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