Your Job is Your Responsibility

job responsibilityEmployees should stop viewing their jobs or likening their place of employment to public transport – vehicles, trains, or taxis. As a user of any mode of public transport, you never stop to ask when it is taken to service, if it has insurance or of it even has enough fuel. Yours is to wait at the designated stop, pay, enjoy the ride  and get off at your stop.

Your job or the company you work for should be more like your personal car. You always keep track of the mileage do that it doesn’t exceed the service time. You know when and where to fuel, the best car wash and you even know when it is out of its norm even if you are not a mechanic!!

When the time is right, you will sell it to someone else and only then does it stop being your responsibility; but as long as it takes you to work, or to parties, or takes your family on trips or it rushes your sick child to hospital in the middle of the night, you will take care of it.

Your job or the company you work for has a similar level of importance in this season you are employed. It is currently your means to a particular end (there is never a time when it will be an end in itself)  and if not managed properly, with RESPECT, DISCIPLINE and STRUCTURE, it will begin to repay you with STRESS, FRUSTRATION, DISSATISFACTION. The final result is departure from your job (voluntarily or otherwise), a PREMATURE SEPARATION that leaves you BITTER, CONFUSED and UNFULFILLED.


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