Hearing and Listening should not be a concept

A man is in the open seas in a motor boat with the engine revving hard and earphones throbbing out loud music. At his back is a liner coming towards him and he can’t hear it’s horn. Gracefully there is a fisherman who is trying to wave and signal for him to get out of the way of the liner but because he is too absorbed with the noise around him he thinks he is being greeted and he waves back and continues on his path with the liner coming towards him from the back.

If only he could remove the ear phones and turn off the engine for a while to kill the noise and also just pause to breath in the view. He would then see the liner and understand what the fisherman was telling him.

If only we can learn as we sit in our nice corporate offices and open plan cubicles how to kill the noise and listen to our hearts. What will we hear?

  • Good job, this is a good improvement from last time.
  • I think the other department can really use your input on a similar task.
  • If only you could share your skill with your peers.
  • You are not working at your potential. You are holding back too much.

Let’s not be afraid to listen. The inner voice should speak louder than the voices of affirmation we are seeking external to us


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