From Employment to Business: Lesson 6

Lesson 6: Giving is not always a predicate to loss

Frequency signals from source to recipient are only successful if both receiver and sender are in sync. If they are not, the receiver will deem the incoming signal as noise, an interruption and unwanted.

As you start out in business, you will begin to understand why I’m some circumstances your employer was very generous with sponsorships and donations, while in others, he was very stingy and adamant. You will also begin to know why some customers should get a discount of 5% while others get 2% and others 8%. A great man is quoted as saying that we should not throw pearls at swines/pigs. They don’t understand the value!!

My Take

If you believe you are at the end of your employment rope and you can start a new journey in business offering customers a solution to their needs, then it means that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you can see the reflection of your value.

The temptation to give out your knowledge, expertise, solution, products etc will be very present and loud, but you have to manage yourself. If you are going into consultancy, it is a great thing to start with non-paying cash paying clients. Trade your value. Your value delivered to them will lead repeat of referral business as well as recommendations where you can apply the cash value. First of all, trade does not mean exchange for money. Second, giving your services does not mean that you will go to a loss.

Imagine you consult for three friends who have a cash flow problem and your solution works for their businesses, will they refuse to give you a recommendation letter when you are filling some tender or pre-qualification documents? Of course not.

On the flip side of giving is the devaluation of your value. Do not let daily bread needs dictate the value you charge for your services. The temptation is that you want to take the job/ assignment/ order because it still means money. YES, it does; but how about another approach? If you know your solution is valued at USD 50 but the client is arguing it is worth USD 30, make a counter offer that includes a money back guarantee as opposed to arguing.

People will see the worth/ value of your giving only if they look through the lens of their needs. It is not your job to change their lenses so that they can see their needs the way you see them. It is your assignment to look through their lenses long enough for you to see your value clear up their vision.

Once again I thank you for taking the time to learn from my experience.

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Thank you for taking the time to engage with me.


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