From Employment to Business: Lesson 4

Lesson 4: Your culture determines your structure
As we start I want to express my sincere appreciation for keeping up with the lessons.

If you have just joined us, it’s great to have you on board and we invite you to read our earlier posts.

For Lesson 1 we said:Your networks change

For Lesson 2 we said:The plan is almost always a mirage

For Lesson 3 we said: Let the Spirit lead the dance

We have 4 more lessons to go and we hope that it will be an invaluable support in your journey from employment to business.

One of the most profound takeaways I had from the Franklin Covey course was demonstrated by a question of what 4 people (most immediate family, friend from your social circle, co-workers, a community/church member) would say if they were to eulogize me).

That question changed the way I looked at myself and those around me for good. Am certain that all those people would each day something different; but if I live a balanced life putting relationships first, having a consistent and dependable value system, one would probably conclude my life as a cultured one.

Setting the right culture is an investment of time, relationships, money.

My Take
So it is for a business person. The structure of your business takes after the culture you have as an owner. Corruption and lack of integrity from the owner of the company sets the same precedence for the employees. Value for customers is not a trickle up effect. It can’t be expected of all others but not of the owner.

Wisdom says that a wise man digs deep for a foundation and  sets it upon a rock. When the storms come, the structure withstands the opposition.

In contrast, foolish man depends on the fluid sand to hold the foundation of the structure he is putting up. Similar storms hit the house and the entire structure crumbles.

As you think of starting a business, you must decide on the ground to build on. Is it a foundation and culture of respect, smart working, risk taking, trust, planning, learning, wisdom, applied knowledge, street smartness, understanding, relationships and everything that will lead to good repute?

If you take shortcuts in business, they will soon catch up. Get the foundation right and you won’t have to put in extra work and resources to reinforce the business.

No one should lie to you that setting the right culture, the right foundation for your business is a day’s work. It’s an investment of time, relationships, money but it pays off in the long run.

Once again I thank you for taking the time to learn from my experience.

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Thank you for taking the time to engage with me.


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