From Employment to Business: Lesson 3

Lesson 3: Your Spirit has to lead the dance

The greatest opportunity that arrived on my doorstep the day I stopped going to my employer was a one way ticket for a journey of personal fulfillment. Prayer was no longer restricted to a few minutes before I left for work, I  could pray at my home office desk crammed into a corner of my bedroom, I could take a break after writing for some long while to just read the Bible, I could listen to my favourite preaching at 2pm stretched on my bed – guiltlessly!!

It was in one of the many sessions of spiritual and mental renewal that I came across these words: “You are a Spirit being with a Soul living in a Body

  • Spirit is the God like nature breathed into man at creation
  • Soul is the mind, will and emotion
  • Body is the interface that is needed for a spirit being to operate on earth

I quit my job for five years before I actually quit. I would wake up in the morning telling myself I couldn’t do it anymore and as soon as I landed in the office all the demands,  budgets, meetings, customers, reports and emails did a good job of glossing over my frustration. At 5 pm, the hustle of public transportation took precedence and once at home the smile on my child’s face was enough to forget the office and the only time I picked up the frustration was the next morning. For 5 years.

Major decisions in life and business never have a perfect time. What they have is the right time and the trademark of the rightness of time is PEACE.

My take:

There is never a perfect time to make that life changing decision and there is never a perfect time to give in to that entrepreneurial bug. However, there is a right time. A time that is neither too late not too early.

How do you know that time? There is a signature of peace. Have you ever watched a professional break into a combination safe. They listen for the click with a stethoscope and there is silence because if they miss that click sound, they will mess up the safe and security system.

 It’s the same thing about the right time. The three core elements of being are in a constant supremacy battle and they shout each other down without getting hoarse. It takes the whole of you to be silent for you to hear your Spirit, Soul and Body agree on anything. At the point of agreement and peace, it is your Spirit that is in control.

In my five years of quitting, I was so attuned to my body and soul with questions like: what will my family eat? What will people think of me? What if I go broke in month 6? What if my business doesn’t pick up as I want it to? What if my husband doesn’t support me? How will I afford a medical cover? Etc, etc

Months on, people have asked me whether I regret moving out of work. Others have asked me if I wish I had done it earlier. To both, I respond with a sure NO. For me, the time was right. I needed to embark on a personal journey that would clear my sight, clear my mind, clear the noise and clutter – enough for me to hear the music and agree with it.

Emotions of stress, sadness, happiness are part of our daily life and they change. Today you are moody tomorrow you are not. You don’t want to be on an emotional see saw when making life changing decisions.

Hunger and thirst for food and drink can be managed. ‘Nice to haves’, cravings and things to keep up with the Joneses are all calling to us to satisfy our body desires. Would we let the dress or suit we are wearing set the tempo for the salsa dance?

The Spirit is what rhymes with the author and finisher of our lives. The ONE who has put a mandate on us. A mandate which, because we have free will, we can choose whether or not to carry out. Your Spirit attuned to your Creator will never lead you in the wrong path. That’s why even in the decision to leave your job for entrepreneurship, or to make decisions for your business, you must have your Spirit attuned aright.

    Once again I thank you for taking the time to learn from my experience.

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    Thank you for taking the time to engage with me.


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