Relent is a verb that means “to give in”; submitting to influence or pressure; The root Latin word for relent is “lentus” which means “to slow down or soften”.

A young man named Paul has historic writings that date back to the Roman rule at about A.D. 61, when he was imprisoned for his beliefs and his message in one of the letters to a select group of people was about being unrelenting. He told them, “I press on toward the mark.”

I recently read a portion of that letter and as I internalised the words, I compared two driving experiences I have had. In both experiences I was driving a car with a powerful engine. However in the first instance, the car was a in a good condition, had all engine parts working perfectly and going uphill, I found that it was possible to increase momentum even mid hill. In the second instance, the engine was not as good, it would easily overheat and blow a fuse or damage the gasket is I accelerated too much or even tried to gather momentum once I started going up a hill.

The solution by the mechanic was simple, before you repair the car, every time you are going up a hill, maintain the momentum you had when approaching the hill. Gather momentum at the bottom but sustain, don’t increase otherwise the engine will begin overheating. So the next time I started driving, I noticed that if I had low momentum, the car would slow down and I even knew I was punishing it because it was not operating at its optimum, but at least it didn’t overheat. When I gathered enough momentum and sustained it, the car was able to move without much trouble.

Business is like that. It has its highs and its lows. Every entrepreneur must realise that you can’t always be on overdrive as it is easy to burn out. You also can’t be under performing in a slow mode as it will mean that you will not achieve your optimum levels hence multiplied fruitfulness.

In the easy times, of business, go at it with everything you have got and use that easy time to muscle up for the hard times where you need to be unrelenting. You can’t slow down at the foundation stage, you can’t slow down when you have established yourself, but it is at those moments that the energy you garnered at the start can sustain you.

The strength to press on towards the goal cannot be delivered in a prescriptive manner. It is learnt and exercised every moment.

It helps to have your goal in your sight every time; it helps to have a team working as your support function, it helps to have a bigger vision than yourself and your bank account.

Pressing on and being unrelenting are invaluable assets for any entrepreneur.

With every hill and mountain that is conquered, getting to the top you realise that there is a whole lot of more land to be conquered and you must be well equipped to continue if you so desire. If you don’t desire to continue to the other vast land, then equip someone else to go on and let them conquer the rest.

An unrelenting heart is a strong base for a lasting legacy.


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