Pulling off a turn-around strategy

A turn around strategy is not an overnight action. It’s a giant step broken down into small footsteps.

Just like a ship that does not spin in seconds to make a turn, a business cannot be spun on its head to change and be great or great again.

Let’s take an example

You have a strategy that says, I want a company where customers feel valued.

Break it down to small chunks and let it sink into the team’s blood stream

1. Telephone mannerisms to be standardised.
“Hello, Good morning This is XYZ. How may I help you? ” can be a simple start, structured into a most natural way of answering the phone and customised to your organisation

2. E-mail formats to be standardised
Standardised e-mail formats tell customers that you are professional. Have all your staff salute all they are writing to in a standard way.
Have the font type and size standard to all users
Have the signature standardised

3. Product/ Service training for all your staff
This ensures that at any customer contact point is well versed with the company and can give some basic information to whoever they get in touch with

4. Train staff on your mission, vision and value system
This is not a one time thing. It’s continuous and needs to be so to ensure that everyone remembers why they are in the company, what role they play and the impact on the overall picture of they do or don’t do their bit

5. Mystery shopping using friends, focus groups and business partners
Have random people interact with your team often to find out if the inculcation process is effective and what to improve

6. Certify your staff
As the bearer of and accountable for the strategy, you show your seriousness by ensuring that no staff comes in touch with customers unless you give the green light. By the time a staff passes your acceptance levels then you know it will be possible to go to the next level


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