Listen out for the right voice

In a world where a referee is overseeing a match and the spectators are referees by theory, it is difficult to kill their voices of dissent against decisions you make.

So is business when you are the entrepreneur. Former colleagues, if you were employed, close family members are all the entrepreneurs who believe they know how you could have done it differently. Surprisingly, none of them gets into it with you with practicals!!

They would really rather watch,  advise, critic and offer theories rather than roll up their sleeves. Some are genuine, some don’t really care and all they are doing is expressing an opinion so that they are not left out of the conversation, some are the ‘thorn in the flesh’, some are…… well, necessary for you to keep going inspite of and despite everything.

It is a listening skill you need to develop. One that allows you to hear the genuine, understand and apply it.

Train your heart and ears to consciously drown the noise.


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