Learning from the simplest of activities

Recently a part of the Esteemed Royale team joined some friends at Newscafe Sarit Centre in Nairobi’s Westlands

As the evening patrons came through, there was wonderful music that reminded me of Boy Bands of yester-years and great voices and instrumentals from legends like Lionel Richie, Kenny G and many more.

It’s a great place to unwind with easy conversation as the ambiance facilitates this and I must admit, it gets your creative juices going.

We discussed in variation issues of business, social and family.

As I drove home I got to make several observations:
1. A business built around food and people coming together can only fail by crappy food, crappy service and depending on your target market, dull environment. Newscafe Sarit IS NOT crappy. Far from it, I would go back there quite often if only for the ambiance and the medicine tea loosely translated chai dawa.
2. Not everyone is your client. You need to know your clients, attract them and not apologise for leaving


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