From Employment to Business: Lesson 7

Lesson 7: A timeless recipe
Traffic snarl ups in most concrete jungles are a perfect example of centralised ambitions. Everyone has something to do and it has got to be done at the city centre. That is why early morning traffics on Monday have at times been associated with blamed for hosting many heart attacks. Stress levels are high, anxiety, adrenaline, etc,  all play out in people who are frustrated that traffic is not moving, they have to get to the office they didn’t want to go to….  and on it goes.

The funniest most odd of things is that if you you were to ask the same people to go back home and rest, they will much prefer to go to the office. If they were to receive a call from the boss telling them that they were free to spend the day as they wanted, the immediate reaction would not be one of exhilaration. If anything, it will heighten the anxiety as they wonder what has gone wrong for them to be given the day off. Further on, if they are to take the day off, a very high number will continue on to the concrete jungle for the 2nd jobs or side businesses that they handle. Few will consider sitting down and taking stock of their lives.

My Take

Returning & Rest

We need to learn how to slow down and return to those points in life where our current journey began.

Rest is not just switching off your mind and flipping the remote channels from your couch.

Taking stock is undoubtedly work. It means you have to be comfortable with yourself in the privacy of your thoughts. Rest means you conciously disengage from the activities that pre-occupy your time and resources in your normal routine.

A mother of 5 working on a 50 hour week, Monday to Friday, cannot purport to have rested if she spends the whole weekend house cleaning and doing laundry for the entire family! Converting into a couch potato occasionally refreshing your emails on the phone or tablet as well as updating your facebook page with selfies is also not good rest.

The purpose of rest is to refresh your thinking; to see the future with better vision; to keep a check on what matter most – that it is well with that.

Rest allows you to go back to where it all began; to that place where you had made plans and had identified the markers of success; to see if you are on course with your life.

Rest puts a red light on the hustling. Long enough for you to do a health check on your family, your purpose in life and your destiny.

Don’t jump the red light stops of your life.

Quietness & Trust for strength

Whereas returning and rest gives you a 360° vision, quietness and trust are coming together to give you a 20:20 vision. They are the most perfect of ingredients for seeing your future and not being blown away or being overwhelmed by the prospects of the future.

It is in quietness that you get to hear the ultimate guiding voice which is not your own.

It is in quietness that you get to see the sense in your plans for the future. You get to see more clearly without distractions what will work and what won’t.

Trust with people is built and earned. Trust in your Creator and Guide is not just instinct. It’s establishing a pact with ONE who will never go back on HIS place in your journey.

Take time to quiet down. It is in that quietness that you get to hear the sync of it your heart, mind and spirit. 

As we come to an end of this series,  I sincerely thank you for taking the time to engage with me and I trust that you have gathered a few nuggets to work with. It will be great to hear about your journey into business from employment.

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I wish you all the best in your transition. Our blog, Facebook,  Twitter and Quora handles are our platforms to engage. Let’s keep the conversation going. For a private consultation please feel free to inbox us your questions at and we will be glad to get back to you.


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