Business Toolkits

Sometime in the month of May 2016, I attended a market place oriented brainstorming session in Nairobi, hosted by Mr. David Paul Mavia (a Nairobi based blogging creative socio cultural critic who hosts three blogs on Culture, Spirituality and Creative Entrepreneurship,

We were working on a workbook for the market place that Mr. Mavia is set to release to the market later this year. Not because I was a part of the team that created a wireframe, but I have to say, anyone in business as a start up, an entrepreneur or established business, who wants to explore the market place in a fresh, authentic way, that Workbook is a MUST get!!

Anyway, at the end of the 3 hours session, one of the participants asked how the workbook will be packaged and interesting answers were given. The one that lingered in my mind for since that time was “tool kit”.

As I ruminated at this phrase, “tool kit”, it was interesting how my mind went back to a professional auto service centre with all those work trolleys that were equipped with myriads of tools to attend to different components of cars. Spanner wrench heads with different sizes, screw drivers of star, flat, square shaped, drill bits, allen keys, of different sizes, cutters, aprons, seals, adhesives and so much more.

Business is like a car. Each has a different outlook but in its structure it is made up of different components that require different ways of handling them.

Some will never require to be touched because at manufacturing, they were perfect and meant to remain intact for the life of the car.

Some will require constant oiling and maintenance at regular intervals given the use.

Some will require major overhauls once in a while so that the business can continue being effective and efficient

Some components will require replacement in whole or part.

A business toolkit doesn’t differ much from that in an autoshop. You investing a good kit which you will not store on a bookshelf or on a hard disk so that you can be patting yourself in the back to say that you invested in one.

It needs to be in your face, in your hands all the time.

To tell the truth, business toolkits will only be the perfect solution for your business if you know how to apply the specific tools it has either in solitary or combined.

Toolkits help to address issues to do with marketing, human relations, profits, competition, reinvention, expansion, public relations, customer management, product development, service delivery and everything else that characterises business.

Just as you can’t go using a hammer where a wrench will do perfectly, there are solutions provided in toolkits that will apply in one area of your business and not in others.

You will also find that there are some prescribed solutions which will not apply in 2016, but at 2020, they will be exactly what your business needs.

Just as no new car manufacturer will release a unit to the market without a manual (how to guide) and a set of tools, no business should interact with its stakeholders without a basic outline and set of tools to help it succeed.


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