Of Sparewheels and Relationships

Every person who owns a car will agree that there are two components they never fail to or try their best to keep in their cars. A spare wheel and a car jack.

Car owners may never get to use them but they are conscious if they don’t have them.

The spare wheel will always be checked that it’s has the correct pressure, the jack will always be checked that it was not removed by the mechanic the last time the car was in service.

Every driver knows that a flat tyre cannot be changed without a jack and should there be such an occurrence, then they have to borrow.

Putting a mirror right there, I want to encourage spouses (husbands/ wives) who feel or are treated like they do not add value in their marriages or relationships.

Just like the spare tire and jack, your spouse knows that there is only so much they can do without you in times of crisis.

You may be relegated to the back, shelved as insignificant but look and behold, a moment of reckoning comes and your usefulness cannot be down played any more.

At such moments, you don’t come out in the open and fail to work. No, you work and replace, you do your part, you play your role and you excel marvelously. For at that moment, no one by you can save the day.


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