What if the Holy Sprit was a Tech gadget

On the outset,  it is good to declare my absolute faith in CHRIST JESUS and belief in the Holy Trinity of GOD the Father,  GOD the Sin and GOD the Holy Spirit.

The first time this subject crossed my mind,  I felt the religious knack in me spark up saying that I was being blasphemous. So for a fraction of a minute I repented and then quickly recovered to ask myself why the thought had come to me and I realised it wasnt blasphemous.

One evening we came home from a fun filled weekend with family and friends. I was carrying our baby who was asleep and my husband assisted by the nanny were taking on the luggage.

After settling down and everyone freshening up, I informed my husband that I was going on to bed. I read my scripture for the night and snuggled into bed. Just as I began to doze off,  I remembered that I had not set my alarm for the next morning. Immediately I jumped out of bed, all sleep abandoned as I tried to trace where my phone was as it doubled up as my alarm. My husband was dozing on the couch and he didn’t notice me slipping through the door to go look for the phone in the car. I found it and rushed back to the house, put it on charge,  set the alarm and fell asleep. The last thought I remember having was, “In terms of being a valuable, cannot-do-without partner, who is closer to you – the Holy Spirit or your gizmo gadget?

In our world today we seem to have everything that makes everything possible for us – laptops, tablets, smart phones and smart watches, iPods, organisers etc. These gadgets have so invaded our lives that if we forget it at home or in the office or elsewhere, we will remain agitated until we are reconciled to them.

Some people have been known to endure being late or being stuck in traffic to get back the gadget;  and it’s not like they intend to use it where they will be. The reason is always the same, “maybe I will need it?”

“Walking without my gadget is like walking naked!” someone quipped when I asked them about their items.

Yeah Right! So I ask, so what is walking around without the Holy Spirit similar to? What is walking around with only a little of the Holy Spirit like?

The phrase that comes to mind is dead man walking


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