Powerful Wisdom Equations

A read through the words of a King who had a level of wisdom that has never ever been replicated in another normal human being reveals the very principles that lead us to what everyone is searching for.

As the new year 2014 begins, people are desirous of success, perfect health, wealth and riches, fame good marriages and family. Many will pay executive coaches, psychiatrists and other well studied professionals to help them achieve this.

Yet the key is simply available in a book called Proverbs.

In the third chapter of the King’s sayings in this book, I manage to extract the following equations which when further expanded can help us get through 2014 and show the achievement of those things we are sincerely seeking for:

Question 1. What do you do to get PEACE AND LENGTH OF DAYS & LONG LIFE?

Answer: Keep God’s Commands

Question 2. What do you do to have FAVOR & HIGH ESTEEM in the sight of GOD and MAN?

Answer: Keep Mercy and Truth close to you

Question 3. I seem lost in which way to go. I need GOD’s DIRECTION FOR THE PATH THAT I SHOULD TAKE. What do I do?


1. Trust in the LORD with all your heart

2. Lean not on your own understanding

3. Acknowledge the LORD in all your ways

Question 4. Two things I need to be successful in 2014. Good PHYSICAL HEALTH (health to her flesh) and THE ABILITY TO WITHSTAND MUCH (strength to your bones). How do I secure this for myself and my family?


1. Fear of the LORD

2. Righteousness

3. Humility

Question 5. In this harsh economy, how do I accumulate wealth (FULL BARNS) and achieve new heights of success ?


1. Honour GOD with all your possessions

2. Honour GOD with the first fruits of your increase

Question 6. Where does Obedience, Respect and Discipline fit into the whole picture of my life?

Answer: The LORD GOD Most High shows you great love and delights in you

Question 7. I seek WISDOM. I gain UNDERSTANDING; and I am able to RETAIN both. What is the end result of all this?


  • Happiness
  • Proceeds (results/ fruits/ returns) that are better than silver
  • Gain (profit) better than fine gold
  • More value (precious) than rubies
  • None can compare to you
  • Increased length of days (favoured by time)
  • Riches and Honour
  • Positive Attitude (pleasantness)
  • Paths of peace
  • You give life (you share GOD’s blessings and GOD’s SPIRIT in you influences others

Question 8. What does SOUND WISDOM & DISCRETION have to do with anything?


  • Life to my soul
  • Safety when walking
  • Sure step
  • No fear even when unconcious of any danger
  • Assured rest
  • Assured victory over the enemy
  • The LORD is my confidence

Question 9. All the above have been directed to what I need to do to me. Is there something I have to do for or to others and what is the benefit therein?

Answer: Show Justice to others. The benefts that accrue:

  • I get the secret counsel of the LORD
  • A blessed home is assured
  • More grace as I have more humility
  • Inheritance of Glory

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