Job vs. Assignment

Your assignment from the Father is sometimes hidden in what would on a normal day present itself as a job.

We need to come to a point where we stop seeing with our natural eyes and begin to search out the matters of our lives

Proverbs 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter

God conceals your assignment in your job or your business or your daily work and as a king, it is your responsibility to search out the assignment

Earthly masters – your employers give you a job, rewarded by salaries, allowances and perks. This is all good because it is part of God’s plan to keep the systems of the world funding His assignment through you. So when you are highly placed in a job and you are thanking God for His numerous blessings, seek to know His heart about where He has placed you.

Hidden within that job is and assignment which He will reveal to you if you seek to know it. Accomplishing the assignment yields to you God’s rewards which are simply an inheritance.

So here is the revelation for today:

You are employed by this company in this particular capacity. But please note that the actual assignment that you need to fulfill for this season in your life is within that job and no amount of money in this world could ever compensate you for being a success in the assignment.

Do your job with excellence. This is a basic pre-requisite for succeeding in the assignment I  {the LORD GOD} have given you. Do not mind about the salary you need to earn because of the said position, remember I {the LORD GOD} did not place you in that capacity to get rich, You already have access to the Father  {the LORD GOD} to whom the earth and its fullness belong, therefore riches and wealth are already in you, with you and are for you.  You already have an inheritance and your assignment is bringing My  {the LORD GOD} kingdom to where you are.

Remember Earthly masters give you a job, rewarded by salaries, perks and allowances. God gives you an assignment and rewards you with an inheritance


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