Time was created for me

Time was created for me

As such, I should not feel pressured for time

While everyone is complaining there is too little time to do anything, I ask myself, how much can I get out of all the time I have at my disposal

All people in this world have one basic unit of measurement in common and that is time.

Everyday, the traffic in Nairobi seems to be growing from bad to worse. All social media are witness through the incessant complaints. Then I weigh my options


Option 1

Fidget, worry, make resolutions about tomorrow morning, listen to junk on radio, listen to people’s problems being discussed in public and having a good laugh of it……

Option 2

Engage in a heart to heart with my Maker, engage the principles taught in the Good word like declaring my time is blessed, formulating ideas of how to establish my vision etc

Initially I used to take option 1 and fret the whole two hours to the office.

Then I discovered that my husband takes option 2 and we are in the same car and he enjoys his day more than I do.

So I changed. Results, tremendous.

I discern which route to use and avoid traffic on our normal route, even when he doubts there is traffic. Later on he calls and says the decision to use an alternative was divine intervention

I engage the thoughts of success in my day, I take the time to plan my day and the days ahead for things that I want to do

My thoughts are

Time was created for me

If I am blessed then my time is blessed. It shall not be wasted by circumstances or people

Today I will encounter people to whom I will not hand the power to waste my time.

Time is meant to serve me, not the other way around

So time I declare to you, that I will use you more effectively and as a result I will be able to multiply my results through you positively


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