The Rats & Bread Crumbs

An analogy of Luke 19:12 – 28 (Complementing Matthew 25:14 – 30) in redefining the “Rat Race”

Imagine a pack of rats (our daily trouble/ needs) outside a door with a small hole (our revenue source). Every day, one rat has been coming to the hole and it gets a crumb of bread. Soon enough, other rats (an accumulation of the needs) begin to come to the same hole but the crumb is still one through the one hole. Soon enough the rats try to outdo each other as to who will get to the whole first (isn’t this your monthly budgeting routine – what bill needs to be paid more urgently and which one can wait?). The feeder behind the door sees a bunch of rats but he continues to drop crumbs by the one hole.

What would happen if he drilled several holes (utilized the given talents to achieve fruitfulness, multiplying, replenishing and subduing effect) through which he would throw the crumbs at the rats at different places around the door? The pack of rats would stop scrambling and ease off the one hole and start feeding on the crumbs around. If the feeder starts issuing slices, the rats would be content and peaceful as they enjoy more bread.

If however, the feeder continues using the one hole, soon enough he will have agitated rats scratching at the door and fighting to get a way in. If the rats do come in, they could climb all over the feeder (cancer, stress, lifestyle diseases etc) trying to get the bread and in the process, they might even nick and bite the feeder mistaking him for the bread (Matthew 25:30 (KJV) And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth).

© Copyright 23/ Oct/ 2012 by the Holy Spirit through Elizabeth Wangari Maina


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