The Octopus Entrepreneur


The other day I went into a search mode about the octopus. A slimy 8-legged creature is what I visualized it to be based on my primary school teaching. I actually realized they are arms and legs hence the
generalized term of appendages.

The octopus struck me for its great features

  • Eight arms
  • Three hearts
  • Developed brain
  • Camouflage ability
  • Cutting of its appendages
  • Sticky appendages
  • Only one bone in its body

The inspiration behind this e-book (The Octopus Entrepreneur) does not seek to increase your scientific knowledge of the octopus. God inspired the writing of The Octopus Entrepreneur so that we may relate the features of this magnificent creature to our entrepreneurial selves, our businesses and subsequently, ourselves to the nature of our maker, God in Heaven.

Isn’t it amazing that God did not create anything that has two heads?

Download The Octopus Entrepreneur and read the entire e-book


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