The Octopus Entrepreneur 2

Merging the Octopus and the Entrepreneur

A lot of people have the idea of being free from a job and so they capitalize on the self employment and business ownership channels. For some this continues to be a distant dream that cannot be because of a million and one reasons. For those who dare go for the dream, much is required of them.

I remember when one of my mentors started his business. I was young in age but I distinctly remember him working out of a small room that was the size of a hostel cubicle. Yet from that small room, he developed designs and decorations that took him to trade shows and fairs across the country. On the road of setting up his business, he put on many hats – designer, driver, technician, managing director, business partner and so much more. He had to bear insults, praises, demotivating speeches, undercuts from competitors, losses to unscrupulous partners and even attempts on his life.

Today, he stands tall with his multimillion shilling business in Kenya, and within East Africa. He found his calling and he grew in it, learning the ropes and teaching them to his wife, children and family members that would have the interest. He reaps from the simple element of being an Octopus Entrepreneur.

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