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Success – What is your definition

Do you know that if success were to be defined in chemistry terms, it would fall under the classification of compound elements? A compound element is one that is made up of a combination of many individual components. In this case, success is as a result of God’s grace, peace of heart, creativity, risk taking, hope, faith, trust, integrity and so much more. Definitions of success are as varied as there are people on planet earth. To some, success is being able to connect with the Almighty God at levels that very few mortals do, like Moses and Elijah who spoke with God. For others success is a matter of how much land, money, real estate, business empires they have. To some it is about the number of cows or the number of wives and children in one’s homestead. For me, success is about living a full life as God destined me to have. He intended for me to seek His kingdom and do right by Him and His word. It is God’s intention for me to have material wealth in plenty – not for me to keep to myself but for me to share it. I know that I will live a full life if I accept to be God’s vessel in the establishment of His kingdom. Consider a hose pipe. Its work is to channel water from the source to the field so that the crops get the moisture they need to grow. In this life, God is our source of livelihood, we are the hose pipe and His kingdom is the garden to be watered. If He blesses us and we retain the blessings to ourselves, we will surely not deliver them to the end. and some point, we will get full and then there will be no more room for God to put His blessings and He will move on to the next person. What do I gain by withholding God’s blessings? Nothing. To know that God is pleased with the way I am living on this earth and that He is smiling at me and causing His face to shine upon me, now that is true success.


2 thoughts on “A starting point

  1. Wangari Maina says:

    You’re fired

    Everyone who is employed does not like to hear these three words – “You are fired”. No matter the terminology used, the meaning and end result is the same – Your contract has expired; donor funding has ceased so the project is over; we are downsizing; we are restructuring; we are cutting down on costs; we are relocating the company and cannot transfer you to the new company; we have to let you go; we are offering you an early retirement option, etc. The end result of all these words and many more is that you go home and no longer hold a job at that establishment. For me, the only time I look forward to hearing those words is when they are being used by Donald Trump on the Apprentice Show.

    In this age of global financial meltdown and low numbers that result in suspension of operations, outsourcing and mergers, the thought of being out of a job is not an alien one. I would rather the reverse which is a “Dear sir, hereby tendered is my resignation”; but even then it had best be in the most respectful and pleasant of ways. Why? Because if it doesn’t work where you are going, you will have to eat humble pie and go back to the same employer. Worse still, like it happened to an old friend, you might tender your resignation for greener pastures and as you go to sign the paper work in the new office, you find that the chairman of that company is your ex-boss

    So what do you do in the possible loss of your job?

    1st Pray, pray and pray again
    Needless to say, praying to God is the first thing you have to do when you get up in the morning and the last thing you do when you go to bed. If you can make a prayer as you work in between, even that is encouraged. Why? It is through prayer that we ask, seek and knock and through persistence, we shall ask and it will be given to us, we shall seek and we will find, we will knock and it will be opened.

    2nd Remember JOB translates to Just Over Broke

    Thankfully, that job you are afraid of losing, makes it possible for you to pay the monthly bills, get entertained at the local pub, and keep your family together. Unfortunately, if it is your only source of income that is what it will continue to do for you. It serves to keep you just above the poverty line and relying on it to enable you drive a heavy car or have your wife shop designer wear, will remain a dream. Imagine a CEO appointed by a board of directors is fired. Do you think his kids will continue learning from prestigious schools just as easily? No way, after all their fees was being paid by the company.

    Don’t you think you are worth more than being Just Over Broke? Your output at the current job, I can bet, is just a fraction of your potential and if you can input that into your own business, imagine how far you can go.

    3rd Indulge your imagination

    Look at it this way, if you are fired from a sales job where you are getting a percentage commission of the monthly sales (and am sure it is not 80% of the sales), aren’t you capable of selling the same or competing product for the total income and not a commission? Take this example:

    ¨ Company XYZ manufactures and sells synthetic hair pieces. Your job is to sell to distributors for a 10% commission on every sale. In one month you manage to give the company Kshs.1,000,000.00 from 10 distributors. You walk away with Kshs.100,000.00

    ¨ Company XYZ fires you and after the initial shock, you realize competitor ABC has an edge over XYZ and you work out this math: As a distributor for company ANC, you buy the products at Kshs. 100,000.00 to sell and make a profit of Kshs. 50,000.00 instead of getting 10% of the Kshs. 50,000.00 you get the whole of it. If you buy twice as much, the total income is Kshs.100,000.00. If you do this 10 times in one month you get a total income of Kshs.500,000.00. As an employee you will have to work for five months without taxation and any other expense to accumulate this amount

    In summary, if you indulge your imagination, you will realize that even though being fired means loss of income, it has a positive side to it that is also known as opportunity.

    4th Strategize

    If you haven’t been fired yet, or you can see a red light at the end of the tunnel that says you are on your way out, STRATEGIZE. If you have any short term debts such as a credit card, clear it, fast. If you have a bank loan, increase your premiums and cut back on unnecessary expenditureto ensure that you pay back as much of it as possible thereby reducing or eliminating the risk of bankruptcy and embarrassment of being auctioned. If you have a mortgage review the paper work and find out what it says about you being unable to service it. Become aware of the risks you face by non-payment and what you can do about it.

    For the moment, while you are still receiving a payslip, accumulate your savings to at least 3 months net pay or more if you can. If you earn Kshs. 50,000.00 per month, work on having a cool Kshs. 150,000.00 in your untouchable savings account. Why? If the worst comes and you are shown the door, you will have maintained your income for 3 months within which you either will have landed another JOB (just over broke) opportunity or you will be running a small enterprise that allows you to foot your monthly bills.

    Be wise is your strategy remembering that plans fail and when they do, you could fall. Question then will be if you are falling down to nothing or to a back-up plan B or back-up plan C.

    5th Prepare psychologically

    No matter how well prepared you are for the axe, it always hurts, the degree of the pain may vary but it hurts. People talk, your family takes a blow and things are never the same.

    If you don’t have an entrepreneurial mind, its alright to get another job elsewhere. Not everyone is called to create others are called to market and sell what others have created; others are called to maintain, critic and perfect.

    You need to know that if you gave your job the best of your ability and they still fired you, it is their loss – truly. Not yours. Remember when you first approached them you told them what you could do. In other words you offered them your services and they were willing to pay the price you asked for. If they had not matched your asking price, you were ready to take your services elsewhere. Now that they have fired you, you are free to offer your services to another client.

    Another reason to see this as their loss is that within you is great potential, skill and competence. There is only one you in the whole world. You are the best you they could ever have and yet they chose to let you go.

    In summary I’d like to share with you a piece of text associated with the CEO of Coca Cola: “Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. You name them – work, family, health, friends and spirit and you’re keeping all of these in the air. You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. But the other four balls – family, health, friends and spirit – are made of glass. If you drop one of these, they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged or even shattered. They will never be the same. You must understand that and strive for balance in your life.”

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